Golden Years of Broadway
  On teaching and Professorship:

With a professional  career of over 20 years on Broadway and many of the great opera and concert stages of the world, Talia Refeld finds a new kind of  joy passing on her knowledge and experience inspiring and educating budding singers and performers!

After performing as the guest artist at Chapman Universitiy’s annual  fundraising event „American Celebration“ in 2005, President James Doti asked Talia Refeld to join the Chapman University staff as the  inaugural holder of the William Hall Visiting Professorship 2006. Her duties involve teaching both the classical voice majors and the theater students, in individual lessons, in master classes and workshops and in a combined course called ‚Group Song and Style.’

in recognition of Ms. Refelds talent and musical artistry, this title is the highest honor that our School of Music can bestow on Professor Refeld“. Dr. William Hall

James Doti, President, Chapman University

“As only the greatest teachers can do, Ms. R
efeld held high standards and was uncompromising in her expectations for excellence, while at the same time she inspired and motivated her students. She gave a superb, informative master class to voice students, presenting her thoughts on interpretation, vocal color and stage presence in stimulating, positive and thoughtful ways. Faculty and students alike were awed by her singing talent, particularly her knowledge of the German repertoire

The highlight of the visitation was Ms. Refeld's one-woman show, "Can't Help Singing." Her 90 minute performance, which traced in music and narration her career accomplishments and the European connection to Broadway giants, commanded a standing ovation from a packed auditorium. It was a truly memorable and enjoyable night, one that will never be forgotten by those who were fortunate to be there.

Jeralyn Talia Refeld is a remarkable person and a gifted performer and teacher. It would not be an overstatement to say that many of the lives she touched in just one short week at Chapman University will be forever changed. “

Professor Refeld offers 'Showtime', a three day performers workshop ending with a public concert. Showtime is sponsored by the AMJ (Arbeitskreis Musik in der Jugend). The course includes singing technique, movement, acting and performance training. Participation is limited. Requirements are one classical or broadway solo song memorized and one group song. Professor Refeld and pianist Christoph Weinhart offer an open lecture to participants and their families which includes the performance of different musical styles and vocal techniques from Mozart to belt. The evening includes a Q and A addressing music as a career, musical education possibilities, auditioning and musical shows in Germany.

“I am terrifically impressed by the manner in which Ms. Refeld teaches and creates a rapore with her students. Her technical qualifications are impressive and she teaches with a personal magnetism and warmth which she employs very individually. All the students profitted greatly from the workshop and her teaching.” Harald Luft, director high school music, Erlangen
Next workshop: April 23 - 25, 2010

In July 2006, Kids4Kids World Foundation ( was born.

There is nothing more rewarding than watching a child blossom into a real performer under professional artistic guidance. The willingness and honesty of the children to grow and their commitment of their freetime to do such a project to help others is phenomenal. With the support of their parents, this concept has been given wings. It has created a circle of light and giving within the community. A documentary film with the participating children about kids helping other kids in need through the performing arts is in the works. The film was released in 2007.