Golden Years of Broadway


Seldom have I been so moved by music and by a live performance like this one; the cause is the intensity of this woman that exudes from her voice, her musical expression and her authenticity which touched my insides very deeply.

In this concert, I experienced the rare combination of lightness and depth… and really both belong together, this union of funny, melancholic, fresh and sensitive lyric passages….simply grand!

The choices of narration were an interesting mix of well-researched information and personal stories, a risky mixture that succeeded and actually contributed to the overwhelming success of the entire evening. The evening was full of dramatic tension and release.

The richness and nuances of this singers voice, her strength, her sensitivity, her communicative ability and her charm one must say ‘it is an event!’

Ms. Refeld and Mr. Weinhart on piano are a well-played team, both rise to the occasion, supporting each other, although each has their own place. Absolutely unique.

Ms. Refeld fulled the practically empty stage with her presence up until the very last tone.

Awake, concentrated, bright, fully present and musically top!

Ms. Refeld is a brilliant mix of a terrific voice, a talented actress, beauty and charm.

I could listen to this woman forever-she expresses Music as Life, as the natural flow of Life.

She communicated so insistently American music and her roots, that I am greatly interested in learning much more about this genre.

The atmosphere was so close, so full of intensity. Yet everything was so natural and authentic. If opera would be so, I would go again to the opera house.

That Ms. Refeld never lost her quality of voice from beginning to the end whether she sang or narrated, was highly impressive and a special accomplishment and quality of this singer.

The concept of this concert from creation of the entire dramatic tension to the fine details and finesses were not only extremely professional, but outstanding. Nothing was missing.






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